Coaches and Trainers

At the Derby Revolution, we take pride in bringing you some of the world’s best coaches. Great skaters, but above all really good coaches and trainers. Some you’ll know and might look up to already. Some might be newer to you, but you’ll leave the event craving more time with them.

We highly value the education, mentoring and training of officials.

Roller Derby would not be able to thrive the way it does, without the skating and non-skating officials. For them, and any interested skaters, we have 2 top mentors teaching you all the tricks and skills, and tweeking and training you throughout the Derby Revolution. Scroll down or click here to check them out!

These are the first of the Roller Derby trainers for the 2017 Derby Revolution:

Laci Knight

Laci Knight has been an active member in Roller Derby since 2008.  In 2013, she started Crossfit to become a stronger, faster and more agile derby athlete

Laci has been coaching Roller Derby as a Captain, Trainer, and Coach since 2009 for both the LA Derby Dolls (LADD) and Angel City Derby Girls (ACDG).  In 2016, she was selected for the USA Roller Derby team to compete at the 2018 Roller Derby World Cup.

Off the track, Laci is a Level 1 Crossfit Certified Trainer, coaches at 2 Crossfit Gyms, and has also been certified in Crossfit Olympic Weightlifting.  She brought in cross training initiatives to both LADD and ACDG and continues to find ways to help spread the word of fitness throughout the world of Roller Derby.

Laci is also a passionate personal trainer, coaching in person or remotely, and has worked not only with roller derby athletes, but also with clients looking to gain different skills, lose weight, or just up their fitness.


  • Skater, head trainer and former captain (2014-2015-2016) with Angel City Derby Girls (ranked 4th in WFTDA)

  • Skater for Team USA 2018

  • Programs Angel City Fit Club

Photo by Zakas Photography

Nina Erwess

You can spot Nina anywhere, not because she is tall (she is!), but she is everywhere where she needs to be and is communicating every step of the way. 

She joined Roller Derby in 2010 and has been a captain for the Helsinki Roller Derby All Stars for 5 seasons. With their motto and mindset 'We didn’t come this far to only come this far', Helsinki Roller Derby pushed themselves to 16th in WFTDA ranking worldwide.

Nina is, as she says, hungry for playing Roller Derby, and wants to share that with you. Expect sessions like 'Walls; flat or not - any wall is a wall' and 'On the track; if you’re just standing there, you’re not doing enough. Work every second.' as she covers blocking, pack work, strategies, teamwork and captaining.

  • Skater and captain with Helsinki Roller Derby (16th) 

  • MVP at The Big O 2016

  • Skater for Team Finland 2012, 2014 and 2018

  • Member of Crew Roll Line 2017

Read up on Nina as she was the featured skater on last fall.

Photo by Marko Niemelä Photography

Optimus Grime​

Prior to derby I was a competitive bodybuilder and ex circus performer. Then in 2014 I began skating with Mean City Roller Derby in Glasgow, Scotland. I was accept to join Power of Scotland 6 months later. And Successfully joined their World Cup roster in July 2015. Being Named a Blocking MVP at MRDWC in Calgary 2016.

Since then, I have guested worldwide at the highest level of Mens Roller Derby. Representing the San Diego Aftershocks at MRDA Champs in Dallas and Tazmanian Brawlers in Adelaide for AMRD Champs.


I am currently now Jamming for Glasgow Mens Roller Derby, which I help found in 2016 and was recently added to Grnmnstr's endorsed skater roster to represent Antik skateboots.

I am known as being one of the most physically strong skaters in the world of derby, who can play in any position comfortably, with a reputation of being brutal on track. I aim to bring this knowledge and experience to Derby Revolution. 

I aim to coach on how to be a blocking machine with focus on momentum. As well as a style of skating I like to call computer game jamming.

Photo by Laura MacDonald

Tony Muse aka Peter Pan

Tony Muse grew up on roller skates. After a lifetime of speed skating at the highest level, he joined Roller Derby and brought all his knowledge and technique to the track. Very controlled, patient and smart, he’ll jump on the track as a blocker or jammer. He is a skillful trainer and coach and has a lot of attention for detail. He’ll tweek you into a better skater and team player


Photo by NSP 189

Trick or Threat

I got involved in derby in 2011 and started to play men's derby in 2012. Since then, I played two World Cups with Team Belgium Men's Derby and participated at two Men's European Championships. I was also part of the coaching of the Women's National Belgian Team for their first World Cup in 2014. Currently, I skate as a jammer for the Manneken Beasts (Brussel BE) and I am part of the awesome coaching team of the Brussel's Derby Pixies.


As a jammer, I am known for being really solid and disrupt the walls I play against. I love to work with no space and no speed. I am able to anticipate movements of both walls on the track to help me get the job done. At the Revolution, I will bring simple tricks to make the opponent wall work FOR you, dig into resistance drills that will not tire you while jamming and some more sneaky moves I love to use to surprise people on the track.

Photo by Orel Kichigai

Capucine de Muizon aka Cass'Burn

In 2012 I joined Roller Derby in Lorient (France), when I was about to turn 15. As there were no Junior teams in France, I joined the adult league and skated my first game at 15. Since then I've been one of the coaches for Roller Derby Lorient, and the bench coach for their B Team.

One of my most memorable moments was when I played in the JRDA exhibition game at the 2014 B&T World Cup in Dallas (USA). My team won by 2 points,  the spirit of that game was incredible. 

After I graduated high school, I left Lorient to go study in Toulouse and play for one of the best teams in France! I've been playing with Nothing Toulouse and Blocka Nostra. Roller Derby Toulouse won the National 1 Division of the French Championships last season. This season we are the number 1 team of the Western group in the French Div1.
This year I also started coaching Toulouse junior team.

I've always been a jammer, but now I'm turning into a pivot, and I'm loving it!

Photo by JuliProd

These are the Officials mentors/trainers for the 2017 Derby Revolution:

Danger Russ

Danger Russ has been involved in Roller Derby since 2011. His first game was as a Scoreboard Operator in August that year. He has since gone on to NSO 66 games, most notably working as Scoreboard Operator at both the 2014 Men’s and Women’s world cups.
His first game as a Referee was in July 2012 back when there were still ‘Minor’ penalties. He was a British Champs Divisional Head Referee for 3 years and has since gone on to referee over 200 games. His refereeing highlight was Jammer reffing at the Japan Open in Okinawa (Japans first Roller Derby Tournament), which was streamed live on WFTDA TV. Danger Russ has experience in all refereeing roles from Alt to THR. He has been a Crew Head Referee at 3 Tournaments and Tournament Head Referee of Eastbourne Extreme, (the UK’s only Outdoor Tournament) 3 times. Other Tournament Head experience includes Co-THR of Daga Denter in Italy, THR of Battle of the Beasts III (a 2 day short format men's Tournament) in the Netherlands and ‘A Skate Odyssey’ (SKOD) 2017 in Belgium, a WFTDA recognised Tournament.

Danger Russ says of training “I love training refs, it’s great to see the development people can make even over the course of just one game. Sometimes training can involve simple things like, just explaining why we do something or it can be as big as helping someone overcome a lack of confidence in their abilities”
Danger Russ is Head Referee of Eastbourne Roller Derby.
He is a WFTDA Level 1 certified referee and an MRDA recognized official.


Photo by Off Tracks 2017

Petti Choke

Petti is a both a MRDA recognised and a level 3 WFTDA NSO. When she's not busy planning the 2018 World Cup in Manchester, she is wearing many other hats from local league work with Eastbourne Roller Derby, to liaising with the UKRDA on officiating initiatives.

An NSO since 2011, Petti is known for breaking NSOing down into its core tasks and making it achievable for anyone. She prides herself in showing the truely inclusive nature of roller derby through these off-skates roles and loves to show skaters the benefits of this dark art!

Having been in Belgium previously for both SKOD and ERDT, this will be her first time in Belgium in a coaching capacity.

Photos by John Hesse

Coaches at earlier Derby Revolution editions:


Mick Swagger (Victoria Roller Derby, ex-Gotham, ex-Rose City, ex-Team USA), Shaina Serelson (Victoria Roller Derby, Team USA, ex-Rose City), Laci Knight (LADD, Team USA), Christy Demons (Victoria Roller Derby), Tony Muse (Your Mom MRD, Team USA), Missy Rascal (Rainy City Roller Derby, Team England), Suzy Hotrod (Gotham, Team USA), Annie Maul (Kansas City), Sarah Hipel (Texas Rollergirls, Team Canada), Smarty Pants (Texas Rollergirls, Team USA), Micki Speedia (Angel City skater, crossfit aficionada, SuperfitHero founder), Sally Broyeur (Paris Rollergirls, Team France), Jens Hötger (Coach for Team Germany 2011 & 2014), ShortbusJoshua ‘Conan’ Pfenning (Assistant coach Team USA, Coach Angel City), LuluDemon (Terminal City, Team Canada), Teflon Donna (Philly, ex-Team USA), Ballistic Whistle (Southern Discomfort, Team Australia, Coach London Rollergirls & Team England), Quadzilla, Dirty Deb, Pooky (Nidaros Roller Derby), Kamikaze Kitten (ex-London Rollergirls, ex-Team England), 8MeanWheeler (Terminal City, Team Canada), Roxy Rockett (Carolina Rollergirls), Hidden Ajennda (Burning River), Joy Collision (ex-Team USA, Charm City), Tripp N Dale (WFTDA Level 5 official), El Toupée (<3), Riff Reff, Ref Rigerator, Hoarse Whistler, Seb 'Smiles'


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