What is the Derby Revolution?

The Derby Revolution is Europe’s Roller Derby Convention & 4 day training camp for skaters, officials, coaches and derby aficionados – since 2012!

For four days, you will be able to take in depth on-skate sessions, join off skate work outs, follow seminars, jump in scrimmages, play challenge games and shake it at parties. All this happens in a true derby sister/brotherhood atmosphere. No elitism, just plain ol’ derby with your fellow skaters – including top coaches (who are people too ;)). This also means that anyone with minimum skills is welcome. There will be classes, scrimmages and games for every level (beginner, intermediate, advanced or crossover).

Vendors and brands from all over the world come over to tell you about the latest gear and how it will improve your game. You can try, feel and get everything at the Derby Revolution.

We can tell you this about joining the Derby Revolution: your game will change forever. You’ll go home with a notebook packed with information, maybe even too much to process and integrate during your trainings this season! You will forge new friendships and reinforce old ones. You will meet skaters you’ve been looking up to and scrimmage with them (yeah, really). You will get so derby savvy, your head will explode. On sunday, you will be dead tired, but ridiculously happy, and you will fall in a derby depression afterwards. These are guarantees.


This is roller derby at its best.


– About Tickets and Registration –


Who can attend Derby Revolution?

Everyone; revolutionaries say no to elitism! The revolution is open to all skaters (male and female!), referees, NSOs, coaches and fans aged 18 or over.

You do not need to be affiliated to any league: free spirits, veterans and groupies are welcome too!


Where can I buy tickets?

Via our online ticketing system. Tickets are available here.


What kind of entrance passes are available?

It is important to us that you find a way to join the Derby Revolution, so we have different ticket options, to suit everyone’s schedule and wallet.
We have different passes for skaters, referees (as they will follow a different program) and spectators. The spectator pass is for everyone who is off skates: NSOs, coaches, injured skaters and general derby enthusiasts.

The 4-day passes come at a price of €149,95,-. This includes all classes (on and off skate), seminars, social events, a goodie bag, the Revolution Program and insurance for the 4 whole days. You can join the weekend at €99,95. There are different prices for spectator and referee passes. Check it out here.

There are no extra fees for joining classes or Derby Revolution events.

All information about tickets can be found here.

Can I get a discounted price?

Sure! We welcome volunteers, and as a volunteer you'll get a ticket discount and extra's.

Can I attend all activities with a Spectator Pass?

Almost! You are invited to all events but you can NOT be on skates. This means there is still plenty to do for you: work out with our off-skate program, get academic in our seminars, cheer on your friends during scrimmages and bouts and party the night away at our social events!


Help! I’ve made a mistake in my registration form. What do I do?

No worries, just send us an e-mail as soon as possible so that we can see if we can adjust your data for you.

It’s important that your information is as accurate as possible, so that we can accommodate your needs to our best power.


Where do I register upon arrival and what do I need?

The registration stand will be right at the entrance, you can’t miss it! It will open Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday before classes start. Upon registration, you’ll need to show your government issued ID and your printed Ticket or mail. (we prefer digital, save the planet!)


Is there a registration deadline?

No! You can purchase your ticket in advance (better safe than sorry!), but you can also get one at the door. Last minute deciders don’t have to miss out IF we haven’t sold out!


– About Skating –


What is the skating surface like?

The floor is a sports flooring. We advise you to bring different sorts of wheels and try them out to see which suit you best. If necessary, you can buy new wheels from one of our vendors.


Where can I skate?

Skating will be limited to the designated areas: our skate tracks. For your own safety (and insurance), we ask you not to skate anywhere else, like the hallways for example. Put on your skates before a class or scrimmage and take them off as soon as you leave the track. From the moment you put on skates, we expect you to wear full protection: helmet, wrist guards, knee pads, elbow pads and a mouth guard. Again, better safe than sorry!

We will revoke skater passes when we catch you on skates in no-skate areas.


What Rules Set will be followed?

We play and teach by the WFTDA rules set. Bouts and scrimmages will take place on our fully WFTDA-regulated track.


I’m a man. Can I skate with the women?

Of course! There will be classes for both men and women. Some will be mixed, others won’t. Same principle holds for scrimmages and challenge games: men are welcome to participate in open scrimmages and challenge games. Some scrimmage challenges will be men-only, some women-only, some co-ed: this is not for us to decide, it’s the skaters that make up the scrimmages and challenge games!


Is the Revolution only for advanced skaters?

Of course not! Even if you’re still new to derby, you’re more than welcome: there will be classes and scrimmages especially for you!  The only thing we require is that you have obtained your Minimum Skills. And no, we won’t test this, but we trust your common sense: the more honest you are about your level, the safer and more fun the Revolution will be for you and your fellow skaters!

If your skating level is not true to the level of the class, you might be asked to change classes or take the class off skates.

Are you a seasoned skater? Be welcome too! Our top coaches run advanced classes too and the scrimmages are so much fun. Take a break from high level competition and join the fun side of derby at the Revolution.


During registration I’ve filled in a skill level, but I’m not sure if it’s accurate…

Don’t worry, we don’t divide you into skill level groups. This event is for YOU and you can puzzle with the upcoming schedule what classes you want to take. Be aware that all classes are designed for a certain level (or for all levels) and you should consider your skills when joining. Mind safety and respect for yourself, your fellow skaters and the teaching coach.


– About Events –

What is pass do I need to attend the Derby Revolution events?

A Skater Pass will let you enter ALL events (including training sessions), there are no extra costs. A Spectator Pass will let you enter ALL events, but you can't wear skates. 

What is a Challenge game and how can I join?

A Challenge game is a fun self organized scrimmage. There are Challenge games for all levels. It is the perfect opportunity to skate with new friends, dress up or skate with your derby heroes. Find more information about Challenge games here.

How do I sign up for training sessions, seminars or off skate sessions?

Just pitch up and enter for FREE. Line up and join until the session is full. There are 5-8 events going on at all time, so you'll always find something to do or participate in.

– About Accomodation –


What is the venue like?

Derby Revolution takes place in large sports center, with sufficient parking space. Inside, we’ll have 4 tracks, locations for seminars and off skate classes, a designated vendors area, a food court…

The venue is located right in Gent with public transport within walking distance: the train station is only 500m away, the bus station only 400m! Go to www.delijn.com for all information on public transport in and around the city. If you're by car, we're just 3 minutes off the high way.


Where can I get a cheap place to sleep?

There are plenty of budget hotels, hostels and B&Bs in the city. We’ll do our best to strike deals with some of them, exclusively for Revoltuion Attendees! Find our recommendations on the travel page. One word of advise: don’t wait too long before booking; Gent is a popular tourist destination!


Where can I park my car?

There’s plenty of parking space at the venue! You can park above and under ground for free. We advise you to leave your car there and use bicycles, public transportation or just go by foot as everything is so close.



– About this and that and the other –


Damn, I lost my mouthguard, broke my laces and lost my skates. Can I buy gear at the revolution?

Absolutely! Find a list of vendors here. They will all have their stand in our vendors’ space, where you’ll be able to buy everything from laces to skates.

All transactions will be made in euro and cards will be accepted.


I have another question, but I can’t find a suitable answer on this page…

Don’t worry, fill in the contact form below . We’ll answer all your questions and put relevant questions on this page for others with the same worries 


Is this going to be the most fun I’ve ever had in my entire life?

Most likely, yes.

Message sent!