Training sessions

Photo by Ian Roofthooft

Derby Revolution is a 4 day convention filled with events from early in the morning until late at night.

Check out what is going on! Updates are made all the time, be sure to check back.

This revolution will turn Gent into a derby-walhalla once again! Not only are we putting down 4 (!) tracks, of which one will be completely WFTDA-regulated (incl ref lanes), our venue also houses a seminar and off skate workout areas ànd is located in the city center at a walking distance from… éverything, really.

Given by renowned skaters, coaches and derby-afficianados alike, the classes we offer are bound to teach you a great deal about our favorite sport and get you sweaty and fired-up. And after a whole day of intense training, what do derby skaters like more than partying hard and drinking up a storm? We will keep you busy from morning to night…

If that isn’t enough, we are pampering our officials with a complete zebra-program, with the cream of the referee world teaching officiating skills, both on and off skates!

Information on the different classes and events we offer will be added al the time, so be sure to check back every so often!


- On Skates Training -

Given by experienced skaters from all over the globe, these sessions will cover a wide range of derby-related techniques and skills, as well as game play and strategy. Peruse the menu and pick your favorites à la carte to still your derby-hunger!


Skating Skill Levels

On-skates classes will be given at three different levels: beginner, intermediate and advance. To get the most out of every class and keep it interesting and safe for you and your fellow skaters, please assess your own level of skating. Use your common sense and respect yourself, your colleagues on the track and the trainer. If you feel a class is far too advanced for you, we hope you’ll acknowledge this and take off your skates. Our trainers are  given full authority to ask people to quit their class, should they feel this to be necessary.

You need to have passed at least your Minimum Skills Requirements (as set out by WFTDA) to participate in any class given at the Revolution!


- Off Skates Workouts -

There’s more to derby than skating skills and a strategic mind… a strong and healthy body is fundamentally important if you want to become a well-rounded skater and prevent injury! Balance your training program with cardio sessions, strength work-outs, relaxing yoga and more off-skates classes!


- Seminars -

Tired from skating? Take a small break and learn something new in one of our seminars, which will cover a wide range of topics.

In our athletic seminars, you will learn about (mental) coaching techniques, get tips on how to stay healthy and how to build up a solid work-out program, and gain insight in game play theories and strategies.

Besides these, a number of seminars will take on administrative and organisational matters: how to run a league, how to attract sponsors, how to allocate your league’s budget etc…


- Challenge scrimmages - 

Of course, we wouldn’t be hosting this revolution if we couldn’t offer you what roller derby is all about: the actual game!

With a WFTDA-track on site, you can join multiple challenge scrimmages throughout the Revolution. On top of that, Tursday and Sunday will end with a traditional black/white scrimmage open to all! On Friday and Saturday you can join a scrimmage against Team Belgium 🇧🇪.

How to bring the “bite” in Bout & the “scream” in Scrimmage? Join/start a team right here!


- Social Events -

Let's do what local people do, let's do what roller derby people do!


On warm sunny summer nights, local people hang out at Graslei. Grab a beer or any other drink, get an ice cream and hang out.
Come down from your first day at the Derby Revolution and connect with your new or long time international roller derby friends​.


Roller Derby people know how to party. Let's not waste too many words on this and party hard!​

Dance the night away at Kapitein Cravate.
Nederkouter 69, 9000 Gent.


Do you have much energy left after 2 days of Derby Revolution skating? This is your chance to try out the skate park. We'll hang out at keizerpark where there are barbecue pits and a fun small skate park. Daredevils can drop in, while others can picknick, BBQ and cheer on the skater park skaters.


After 4 wonderful DR days, it's time to wind down before heading home. Blaarmeersen is the perfect spot. Bring food and drinks, hang out, dive in the refreshing lake, let's play some games and watch the sun go down.​