Coaches and Trainers

At the Derby Revolution, we take pride in bringing you some of the world’s best coaches. Great skaters, but above all really good coaches. Some you’ll know and might look up to already. Some might be newer to you, but you’ll leave the event craving more time with them.

Coaches will be announced soon. In the meantime you can reminisce over the coaches of the past editions.


Mick Swagger (Victoria Roller Derby, ex-Gotham, ex-Rose City, ex-Team USA), Shaina Serelson (Victoria Roller Derby, Team USA, ex-Rose City), Laci Knight (LADD, Team USA), Christy Demons (Victoria Roller Derby), Tony Muse (Your Mom MRD, Team USA), Missy Rascal (Rainy City Roller Derby, Team England), Suzy Hotrod (Gotham, Team USA), Annie Maul (Kansas City), Sarah Hipel (Texas Rollergirls, Team Canada), Smarty Pants (Texas Rollergirls, Team USA), Micki Speedia (Angel City skater, crossfit aficionada, SuperfitHero founder), Sally Broyeur (Paris Rollergirls, Team France), Jens Hötger (Coach for Team Germany 2011 & 2014), ShortbusJoshua ‘Conan’ Pfenning (Assistant coach Team USA, Coach Angel City), LuluDemon (Terminal City, Team Canada), Teflon Donna (Philly, ex-Team USA), Ballistic Whistle (Southern Discomfort, Team Australia, Coach London Rollergirls & Team England), Quadzilla, Dirty Deb, Pooky (Nidaros Roller Derby), Kamikaze Kitten (ex-London Rollergirls, ex-Team England), 8MeanWheeler (Terminal City, Team Canada), Roxy Rockett (Carolina Rollergirls), Hidden Ajennda (Burning River), Joy Collision (ex-Team USA, Charm City), Tripp N Dale (WFTDA Level 5 official), El Toupée (<3), Riff Reff, Ref Rigerator, Hoarse Whistler, Seb 'Smiles'


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