The European Roller Derby Convention
is looking for a comeback

Europe's Roller Derby Convention has been a success since 2012, but it is hard to find a venue to host it.

Can you help us find a venue?

We need a space where we can at least lay down 3 tracks, of which one fully regulated with ref lanes.

It would be optimally at a location that is easy accessible (by train/car/plane) so that everyone can join. 

Training with world class coaches

Derby Revolution has a reputation of gathering world class coaches to share their knowledge and experience with DR skaters of all levels. 

All sessions are included in your Derby Revolution ticket, so check the schedule and drop in to the sessions of your interest and level.

What you learn here will change your game forever.

What is the Derby Revolution?

European skaters gather for 4 days to celebrate the love for Roller Derby.
4 consecutive days of on skate sessions brought to you by the world's best coaches and skaters, off skate work outs, informative seminars, fun scrimmages, challenge bouts, parties, hangouts, good food, vendors..
all in the heart of Europe in the beautiful and historic town of Gent.

This is the non-competitive, 100% fun Roller Derby event you yearn for after a competitive season, as a summer break, when finally nailing your minimum skills

or to prepare your upcoming season's training.


The Derby Revolution is for everyone

The scrimmage world will open up for the beginner, you'll learn skills that suit your skating level, you'll take home tons of new drills.

The intermediate skaters get input to up their game to a higher competitive level.

The seasoned skater will find a fun break to skate with international friends in a relax atmosphere.
The Revolution is what you want to take/make from it!

Fun Challenge games
Social events

Pull out your craziest outfit, gather a bunch of skaters around you and create a team to join a fun challenge game.

Join an existing challenge game, or set one up yourself. Everything is possible and all of it is fun.


Here are some games from the previous editions:  Superheroes vs Villains, Tall vs Short, Norway vs the world, Jammers vs Blockers, Schraalski vs everyone and Shirts vs Skins.

After training hard and working out intensely all season, it's time to blow off some steam. The Derby Revolution's social events are the place to do it.

Enjoy our parties and beer crawl, but also our city skate and park skate sessions.

We have something in store for you for every night. Party with the friend you came to the Derby Revolution with, party with your new friends. Have fun!